The Gift of Massage

The Massage

What kind of massage?

Through massage I relieve the body of pain, soothing and relaxing it. The movements and manipulation practiced by the massage therapist have the aim of giving the person a feeling of complete physical and mental well-being.

As a qualified massage therapist, I have chosen to specialize in numerous massage techniques.

For each person I treat, I choose the most suitable technique to benefit them, reducing or resolving physical discomfort and disorders, reducing the pain caused for example by muscle contractures, edema and lymphedema, listening to and respecting individual needs.

Training and Technique

Intuition, Competence, Empathy

The treatments I propose are the result of an intuition: at the first course of
massage, I fell in love with this art, I felt it in my heart and I understood that I had to deepen it, bringing it into my life and that of other people.

Thus began my journey of continuous training, of acquired skills, of human value, which I hope to be able to share with you. Since then, a daily and constant commitment allows me to get to know each client in their physiological and psychological characteristics, offering each one, through massage techniques, the solution best suited to their personal, physical and emotional needs.

About Me
Graduated in Civil Law at the Free International University of Moldova, after working for a few years in the public administration, I moved to Italy to complete my studies at the Faculty of Law in Verona for just two academic years. I decided to change my path because, with the first massage course, I realized that I had a lot of potential in my hands, like a gift. I became passionate about massage so much that I made massage therapy my profession. In 2016 I became a freelancer, putting into practice my love for massage and my care for others. In 2017, before starting my business, I worked at the Sirmione Spa, where I became familiar with the practice of massage therapy in a professional environment. I like working with people from all over the world, to fuel that mutual exchange of experiences and sensitivity, which is the basis of massage. The ability to listen to the body and interiority of my clients is the quality that makes me the person and professional that I am, together with the inciting need to learn and grow. I hope to be able to pass on these values ​​to my daughter too, so that she becomes a strong, curious, enterprising woman.