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What exactly is Rolfing?

Looking at the rolfing logo and seeing the disjointed blocks in it, some of us can recognize ourselves. Rolfing is a process of realigning those blocks in order to make us resemble the body with well-aligned blocks.

It acts on the body’s connective tissue system.
This often causes changes at the skeletal level even if one does not work at the bone level as a chiropractor would, much less with the conception and purpose of a massage therapist.

The relationships between the main segments of the body (head, shoulders, pelvis and legs) and their arrangement around a vertical line of conscious intention are analyzed.

The work requires the client to consciously participate in the process and the changes that will continue to occur. In Rolfing, the role played by the force of gravity on the general functioning of the human being is fundamental, both on the immediate physical level and on the evolutionary level.

Happier in 10 sessions?
Ye with the Rolfing! The 10 session cycle is a journey through the structural integration of the various districts of your body.

Through the expert touch of the Certified Rolfer, blocks are dissolved, movement is freed, developing greater motor coordination and self-perception in space.

Do you know how to listen to your body?
Everyday pain is often the result of inattention to the numerous signals that our body sends us. Thanks to Rolfing it is possible to develop greater somatic awareness, learning to listen to your body and prevent stressful conditions that can cause pain in the long run.

Founder of Rolfing


“Man is an upright animal and if that straight body is not aligned, the rules of the game say that gravity exerts an uneven pull. If the body is unbalanced, gravity exerts an uneven pull. If the body is unbalanced, gravity It acts in an unbalanced manner. If gravity exerts its pull in an unbalanced manner, the body will be unbalanced. If we seek to change the body in a lasting way, we must recognize the relationship between the body and gravity.”
Ida P. Rolf
“A Rolfer works with gravity: he understands the gravitational pull in all the things a human being does, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from the moment he leaves the mother’s womb. From that day, until until the gravedigger puts you in the ground, the force of gravity won’t work.”
Ida P. Rolf
“When the body can work properly, gravity can work through it. Then the body spontaneously heals itself.”
“We want to remove man from the situation in which gravity is his enemy.”
Ida P. Rolf

Some photos of the treatment




Migliorare la postura
Facilitare la respirazione
Conoscere meglio il suo corpo, affinare la tua capacità di ascolto e la consapevolezza corporea
Scoprire come rilasciare le tensioni per alleviare il dolore, favorire la mobilità e ristabilire equilibrio del corpo
Esplorare e risolvere gli effetti prodotti da eventi traumatici, incidenti o accadimenti passati
Restituire scioltezza ed elasticità al corpo
Migliorare la postura grazie al suo allineamento al campo gravitazionale terrestre, mettendo ordine negli scompensi della struttura del corpo umano e influenzando di conseguenza le patologie che derivano da questi squilibri.

Sometimes following accidents, fractures, surgeries, traumatic events, tensions and stiffenings are created in the body, which persist over time and which we know as back pain, neck pain, sciatica… Daily habits and repetitive movements also modify and alter the our posture.

With a deep, sensitive and firm touch on the fascia, Rolfing works to free the body from its restrictions and realign posture.

It is a cycle of ten sessions. Each session has a topic: breathing, support on the feet, support of the back. Each session prepares the next one and creates a journey through, exploring the various parts and functions of the body.